Agave Bandido - Ruben Ubiera Mural - THE MAN BEHIND THE MURAL 🎨

The Man Behind The New Agave Bandido Massive Mural I Shot! 🎆🍹🎥🎨 

We introduce the incredibly talented muralist and homie, @urbanruben who refreshed this blank space and made @agavebandido the vibrant and unique spot currently open. Having created the first-ever illustrated mural in the city @cityofppines , their highly-anticipated debut truly was a historic moment for the restaurant.

Thanks to everyone involved in the making of Agave Bandido!
It's always fun working with you @urbanruben
thanks for asking me to come on to the project.🤙🤓

Artist - @urbanruben
Video Shot & Edited by me - @devious.elements.apparel
Drone Footage by - @drone_exelbierd 👍
Interior Designer - @manhasdesign
Located - @shoppembrokegardens

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