DECO DRIVE STYLE FEATURE - Devious Elements Apparel Bucket Hats Trends


I am more than honored to have been asked by
Deco Drive to do their Style Files segment on my brand Devious Elements Apparel 🎊😭🙏🏾 as a South Floridan, Deco Drive is one of the local WSVN-TV long running shows that I have watch for yrs! So when they reached out I was so proud to be a part of it! If you know me you know I put my everything into my brand and we'll as work just as hard for the friends I work with. Thanks for always supporting this inde brand! Here is the whole segment that aired! Thank you Managing Editor Odette Burton for the opportunity and thanks to Kaylin Cantor for the writing & producing this amazing segment, as well as Alex Miranda & Shireen Sandoval for the amazing segment! I will always be grateful!! 🤗🎊🙏🏾😢📺

By Alex Miranda & Kaylin Cantor
Originally Featured on WSVN 7 - Deco Drive Website

Special thanks to my friends Golden305 for the cameo and always supporting & helping me out, as well as my friends at
Wynwood Buggies for the location & always coming through to support! jamhardxt for the help. You guys already know!✊🏽🙏🏾

And thanks to my awesome model friends who truly came through for a last minute gig! I couldn't have shot this without you guys, great job, you killed it!! 🎊🙏🏾
Gerald G-Fizzle Shadwick

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