Derek Garcia SFX Makeup - Collective Chronicles #7

I had the pleasure of relinking with a childhood friend Hialeah native Make up Artist, Creature Creator Derek Garcia! I was able to spend an afternoon at the school he taught at Cosmix School of Make-Up Artistry. He was doing a final demo for his students & I had a chance to ask him some personal questions to get in his head and see where all the inspiration comes from & how him and twin brother Eric Garcia got started creating these gnarly creatures & how they got on the SyFy Channel reality TV series Face Off 2 times. 

Special thanks to Cosmix School for being so accommodating to me & to my buddy David Ortiz Photography for joining me that that day to snap some flix!

Music Credits:
Basscomms - What's Your High Forensic
Gunner Olsen - Volcano Trap
Poor Legacy Productions - The Love Is Fuel Story
Hansatom - Who We Are

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