Florida Supercon Adventures Collective Chronicles #8

Here is another episode of our series "Collective Chronicles #8". We went to the Florida Supercon in Ft. Lauderdale FL and nerded it out and had a great time! We were able to get "Exhibitor Passes" which allowed my brother and I to get some cool access! I was also able to question a couple of Dr. Who fans and ask them what they thought of the new female lead "Jodie Whittaker" & the new 13th season premiering Sun Oct 7th.

All video credits belong to the specific credited and not property of Devious Elements Apparel.

Music Credits:
Levihca - The Rainbow Feat. Diaphane
Macklemore - Glorious - Testa Instrumental
Macklemore - Glorious Feat. Skylar Grey - Prod by Joshua "Budo" Karp
Robbero - Truth
CDK - Snowflake Miracles CDK Mix

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